Crabtree Terms of Purchase



  1. In these terms of purchase the following definitions shall apply:
  2. Order shall mean written instruction issued by Crabtree to the supplier for the supply of goods or services.
  3. Crabtree shall mean Crabtree South Africa.
  4. Conditions on Purchases shall mean this document.


  1. Acceptance of the order constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions stated herein and overrules any other variations which may have appeared in the supplier’s quotation of acknowledgement unless such conditions are expressly accepted by Crabtree in writing.
  2. Any special conditions on the order shall apply over and above these Conditions of Purchase but in the event of conflict, the special conditions shall apply.
  3. No order shall be valid unless given on the Crabtree official order form and no account shall be paid unless it bears an authentic Crabtree order number. The said order number shall be quoted on all delivery notes, invoices, correspondence and the like.  No changes in, or cancellations of orders shall be recognised by Crabtree unless authorised by an Official Change Order, issued by Crabtree Buying Department. The goods shall be supplied and delivered strictly in accordance with the instructions contained in the order.
  4. Crabtree reserves the right to cancel the order in whole or in part, if the order, or the consignments, is not completed in all respects in accordance with the instruction on the order with these Conditions of Purchase and for the purpose of this condition, time shall be of the essence of the order and these Conditions of Purchase.
  5. Ensure that if the Services of a waste disposal contractor are used, a provision is incorporated into the contract stating that the contractor shall also comply with the provisions of these regulations.

Crabtree reserves the right to claim penalties in the event if any or all outstanding items of the order not being delivered to Crabtree in the terms of the order by the time specified.  The amount of the penalties shall be 1 (one) percent per completed week or part thereof of delay of the goods outstanding and shall automatically be deducted from any monies owing to the supplier by Crabtree.  The provisions of this clause shall not apply if the delay incurred are the result of Crabtree not fulfilling its obligations or the supplier can prove to Crabtree’s satisfaction that the delay were caused by events over which the supplier had no control.

N.B. These terms of service apply to the Crabtree brand and are in no way affiliated with the Livecopper brand.